Jannicke Låker


Jannicke Låker *1968 Drammen Norway. Lives and works in Berlin and Oslo.

Store Norske Leksikon : https://snl.no/Jannicke_Låker



1993-97 The Academy of Fine Art Trondheim, Norway

1997-98 The Royal Academy of Fine Art Video Dep. Stockholm, Sweden


Exhibitions / Screenings (* solo / 2 man show)

2018 HBK Filmforum curated by Prof. Michael Brunntrup, Braunschweig, Germany

2018 *Jannicke Låker Cineart Cinemateket, Bergen ,Norway

2018 Gallery Weekend, Haus Dieterich, Berlin, Germany

2018 Fly in fly out, Air Space Project, Sydney, Australia

2017 Göteborg International Art Biennale, Sweden

2017 EXITUS Punkt Ø, Galeri F15, Moss, Norway

2016-2017 *Grenzsituastionen, curated by Delfina Jalowik MOCAK, Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow, Poland

2015 Filmforum curated by M.Brynntrup HBK Braunschweig, Germany

2015 The Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway

2015 Filmforum curated by M.Brynntrup HBK Braunschweig, Germany

2015 irony EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL Osnabrück, Germany

2015 Performance on Falling, choreography Ulf Nilseng, Dansens Hus Oslo Norway / Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico / St Luis Potosi, Mexico / Havana, Cuba

2015 EXITUS -Tod, Trauer und Melancholie, Galerie im Körnerpark Berlin, Germany

2014 *Jannicke Låker Galleri 54, Göteborg, Sweden

2014 Does Humor Belong in Art? ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany

2014 Feeling Queezy, Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2014 In a lonely place, Kunstmuseet KUBE, Ålesund, Norway

2014 *Jannicke Låker, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo Norway

2014 Does Humor Belong in Art? HALLE 14 – Center for Contemporary Art, Leipzig, Germany

2014 The beginning is always today, Västerås Konstmuseum, Sverige

2013 the biggest minority in the world Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall i Fredrikstad, Norway

2013 *Oldiser Per Teljer & Jannicke Låker Anex Oslo, Norway

2013 Feminist Art in Scandinavia from 1990 until today SKUM Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway

2013 *West Germany film premiere ABLAZE, Berlin, Germany

2013 *Film premiere HOCHPARTERRE, Berlin, Germany

2012 Desire Bergen Kunstmuseum ,Norway

2012 Under the pale moon META House, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

2011 *Låker/Teljer Sverigepremiere Biografen Spegeln, Malmö, Sweden

2011 Nordic Panorama 2011, Århus, Denmark

2011 between appropriation and interventions Christiansands Kunstforrening, Norway

2011 Decisive Moments, Uncertain Times curator Kim Simon Gallery TPW, Toronto, Canada

2011 The 33rd Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad, Norway

2011 Neuwegen Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, Germany

2011 BLACK .NO a Non-Profit Gallery NYC, USA

2011 Lilith Performance Event 2011 Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö, Sweden

2011 Almost out of Sight Weld Stockholm, Sweden

2011 Does it really matter? Small Projects, Tromsø, Norway

2010 Into the Eye of the Storm curator Chen Tamir Center for Digital Art in Holon, Israel

2010 *Jannicke Låker Gimle Oslo international Film Festival, Oslo, Norway

2010 FEMINA 2010 International Women's Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2010 Euphorbia Serrata Slis, Rotterdam, Nederland

2010 Art, Image, and Exploitation, International art conference, Tallin ,Estonia

2010 Auto-Kino by Phil Collins Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin Germany

2010 sexy things by Maike Höhne Lichtblik-Kino, Berlin, Germany

2009 ALCINE39 International Competition – Madrid International Film Festival, Spain

2009 MADE IN NORWAY by Mona Bentzen V.I.P. Art Gallery, Belgrad, Serbia

2009 FiFF Femmina International Film Festival, Norway

2009 International Competition Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden

2009 AVE -Raulandutstillinga 2009 by Mona Bentzen, Norway

2009 Amsterdam Open Air Film Festival, Nederland

2009 Bad Moon Rising 4 by Jan Van Woensel Galerie Sans Titre Brussels, Belgium

2009 Rooftop Films Brooklyn by Dan Nuxoll New York, US

2009 International Competition 25th Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany

Nominated for the Arte (TV) Shortfilm Award 2009

2009 *Ecstatic Truth by Ruba Katrib Dumbo Arts Centre Brooklyn NY, USA

2009 International Competition South by SouthWest Austin Texas, USA

2008 International Competition The 23rd Brest European Short Film Festival ,France

2008 VideoDumbo D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn New York ,USA

2008 *Skånes Konst by Morgan Shagerberg, Malmö, Sweden

2008 Festival International de Film et Video de Creation by Per Platou, Beirut, Lebanon

2008 The 31st Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad, Norway

2008 The best from Grimstad: Cinematek Oslo Norway / Cinemateket Bergen Norway / Rockefeller Oslo NO

2008 International Competition Fair Play Film and Video Festival Lugano, Italy

2008 *Per 3.30-7.30 sometime in March 1998 Lilith Performance Studio Malmö, Sweden

2008 I have a suitcase in Berlin by Daniela Büchten Berlin National Library Oslo, Norway

2007 *Black Hole Memories Langenhagen Kunstverrein Hannover, Germany

2007 2.Fotofestival by Christoph Tannert Mannheim/Ludwigshafen/Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Kunstverrein DE

2007 *Running Woman Rom for Kunst and Arkitektur Oslo, Norway

2007 *Underdager Hordaland Art Centre Bergen, Norway

2007 Temporarily Disconnected by Ruba Katrib CCS Bards Hessel Museum of Art New York, USA

2007 Women Filmmakers The Pinapple Videobar Supermarket Stockholm, Sweden

2006 *Withered Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, Germany

2006 Staring Into Space /artist film-video anthology as part of the The Temps

d'Images Festival by Heman Chong Trafó the House of Contemporary Arts, Hungary

2006 Fair Play Video Festival Play Gallery for still and motion pictures Berlin, Germany

2006 Visible Invisible by Adina Popescu Galleri Jan Wentrup Berlin, Germany

2006 The Peninsula M1 Singapore Fringe Festival ,Singapore

2005 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin Germany

2005 *Baltic Raw Hamburg, Germany

2005 COURTisane Brussel, Belgium

2005 OffPop Vision Berlin, Germany

2005 Bring a friend: The House of the Nordic Embassys in Berlin, Germany

Cinema Arsenal Potsdam.Plz Berlin Germany / Landmark Bergen, Norway

2004 Swedish Hearts by Magdalena Malm, Charlotte Bydler, Rodrigo M. Lira, Modern Museum in Stockholm, SE

2004 Humane APT Gallery London, UK

2004 Slip Role by Laura Bruce in Manchester/The Collective Galley Edinburgh/ BergstueblPROJEKTE Berlin Germany / Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istambul

2004 Tangible expressions -Gallery Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

2004 L’amour by Veronica Wiman 5th Encounters of Bamako Mali / MEO Art Foundation Budapest, Hungary 

Raid Projects Los Angeles, USA

2003 *Jannicke Låker Video Works 1997-2003 Stenersen Museum Oslo, Norway

2003 American Effect ved Lawrence Rinder Whitney Museum of American Art New York, USA

2003 Out of Berlin LABgallerie Strasbour, France

2003 New Media Art Festival program by Michael Bruntrup CHIANGMAI

2003 BEKMÖRK by Per Platou Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

2002 Open Space By Marina Sorbello Palazzo dell´Arengaria Milan, Italy

2002 Right About Now by Museum of Modern Art Stockholm): National Gallery of Art Bangkok Thailand / The Art Center of Academic Resources / Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery Bangkok Thailand / National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur Malaysia / Petronas Gallery Kuala Lumpur Malaysia/ Valentine Willie Fine Art Kuala Lumpur Malaysia/ Fine Art Museum Shanghai People’s Republic of China / Jin Wen Art Center Shanghai People’s Repub lic of China / Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall, Sweden

2002 Video Works by Christel Sverre Kunsternes Hus Oslo, Norway

2002 Kino Arsenal program by Michael Bruntrup Berlin, Germany

2001 7 stories about gender & identity by I.Blekastad Lillehammer Museum of Art/Trondeim Museum of Art NO

2001 Bangkok Video Festival program by Michael Bruntrup, Thailand

2000 Satellite Z200 by Antje Weitzel Berlin, Germany

2000 Shoot on tour by Strömbeck/Lindberg Living Art Museum Reykjavik IS/Kunstlerhaus Bethannien, Berlin, DE

2000 We want to believe by Lise Nelemann / Frederikke Nielsen Gallery Sparwasser Berlin, Germany

2000 Paradiso Film Festival Amsterdam, Nederland

2000 *Jannicke Låker by Øystein Loge Drammen Museum, Norway

2000 Vidarte Highlights Mexico -Carillo Gill Museum/Centro de la Image, Mexico City

2000 FIM Festival Lisbon ,Portugal

2000 Highlights -99 Impact Festival, Nederland

2000 NEWS Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art (by William Easton): Gotlands Museum of Fine Art Visby, Sweden

Gallery Noas Riga Latvia / Pomeranian Princes Castle Szczecin, Poland (1999)

2000 Nordic Live Art -Gothenburg, Sweden

2000 Shoot by Lisa Strömbeck/ Marit Lindberg -moving pictures by artists Malmö Konsthall, Sweden

2000 *Jannicke Låker/Liv Strand UKS Oslo, Norway

1999 Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo, Norway

1999 Eclectic -Gallery Walden New York, US

1999 Impact Festival , Nederlands

1999 Magnetic North by Jeremy Welsh London, UK

1998 Noise-nature is pervert by William Easton -Museum of Modern Art Stockholm, Sweden

1998 Pandemonium Festival program by Margo Chapman at Lux London, England

1998 Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden

1998 Media Art Festival Osnabrück, Germany

1998 Fellessentralen -Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Norway

1997 Media Art Festival Osnabrück, (1998 on tour)

1997 *Performance at Norwegian Broadcast, Norway

1997 Screens -art media and technology by Jeremy Welsh Trondheim, Norway

1997 Zoom Performance festival by Gallery m/balkong and Zoolounge Oslo, Norway

1997 *Fix I.D. by Christel Sverre & Svein Flygari Johansen Zoolounge Oslo, Norway

1997 *LoveSongs and ColdBallad Gallery Rotor Gothenburg, Sweden

1997 Fylkingen Stockholm, Sweden

1996 no Budget Hamburg, Germany

1996 Trondheim 10 000 -Galleri m/ Balkong, Oslo

1995 One Night Stand by Galleri Struts Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Norway


Awards / Artist in residency

2008 The Terje Vigen Award Norway

2008 The Film Critics Award Norway

2008 Lilith Performance Studio Malmö Sweden

2005/06 Kunstleraus Bethanien in Berlin (OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway)

2004 Taipei Artist Village Taiwan (NIFCA Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art)

2000 Soumenlinna Helsinki Finland (NIFCA Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art Finland)



2017 Norwegian Film Institute Filmkulturelle tiltak

2017 KORO/URO Project support

2016 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2016 International support OCA

2014 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2013 Exhibition grant Norwegian Arts Council

2012 Project support NoFoFo

2012 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2012 Project support Fund for Sound and Picture

2011 Project support Fund for Sound and Picture

2010 Film support Norwegian Film Institute

2009 GI -Arts Council Norway

2010 Norwegian Film Institute Oslo Norway

2009 Support for scriptwriting Found for Sound and Picture Norway

2007 Project support Arts Council Norway

2006 Arts Council Norway, Working grant 3 year Norway

2006 Exhibition grant Norwegian Cultural Counsel Norway

2006 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2004 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2004 Material support Norwegian Artist Society Norway

2003 Norwegian Artist Society (legato) Norway

2002 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2002 Exhibition grant Arts Council Norway

2001 Working grant 2 year Artist Committee Sweden

2001 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

2000 Project support Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

1999 Project support Artist Committee, Sweden

1998 Working grant 3 year Arts Council Norway

1997 BKH (Academy graduation award) Norway



Museum of Contemporary Art, NO / Arts Council Norway


Other professional experience

2017 Sensor MA på KhiB Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen

2013 Head of dep. for time based art Trondheim Academy of Fine Art Norway (associated professor)

2012/2011/10/09/04/02/01 Guest teaching (associated professor) Trondheim Academy of Fine Art Norway

2012/2011/2010/09 Video Workshop Nordland College of Art and Film Norway

2018/20172010/09/08/07/05/04 Video Workshop School of Fine Art Rogaland Norway

2008 Guest teaching (associated professor) Bergen National Academy of the Arts Norway

2005 Guest teaching (associated professor) National Academy of the Arts Oslo Norway